Artificial Grass Golf Putting Greens Installation in Pebble Beach, CA

True Ball roll on artificial greens
Pebble Beach California putting greens, golf greens and artificial grass practice putting greens!  Our artificial turf and synthetic grass can make a realistic backyard putting green, without fake looking synthetic turf.  Southwest Greens of San Francisco is proud to offer artificial grass that allows convenience as well as high quality and high consistency ball roll.  The artificial surface we use on your putting green duplicates that of real bent grass golf greens, so the difference is nearly unnoticeable!  Our artificial grass putting greens allow true ball roll and consistency without the need to water, fertilize, or mow.

pebble beach putting greens pebble beach putting greens

Our Pebble Beach California synthetic and artificial putting greens allow the user to control the speed of the greens by regulating the amount of sand on the surface of the grass.  This is the same technique that public golf courses use on their greens and is a great feature to use when you need to practice different types of green speeds to prepare for the real thing.  Depending on the amount of sand on the surface, our average artificial green speeds measure between 7 to 12 on the stimp meter, 12 being the fastest and 1 being very slow.

After we install your artificial turf or synthetic grass putting surface, you do not need to worry about deterioration or the green losing its look and feel.  Our artificial practice greens are made to last and have a truly consistent ball roll, every time.  Make your Pebble Beach backyard the talk of the neighborhood and install an artificial golf putting green today, and enjoy it for practice and fun for years to come!  Contact us or shop online for more information regarding Southwest Greens of San Francisco.


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