Artificial Grass Golf Putting Greens Installation in Pleasanton, CA

Can I build my own putting green
Pleasanton California putting greens, golf greens and artificial grass are here to build a custom practice putting green in your backyard!  Our artificial turf, synthetic grass and accessories make a backyard putting green that your neighbors will be jealous of.  Southwest Greens of San Francisco is proud to offer a durable putting surface that allows years of enjoyment as well as much needed practice.  We pride ourselves on the ability to work with the customer in any type of project, big or small.  Our artificial putting greens have a high-quality, high-consistency feel, as well as a long lasting and durable surface that will assure years of fun and entertainment for your family and friends.

pleasanton putting greens pleasanton putting greens

  Pleasanton California putting greens and artificial golf grass is more than happy to let you design your own personal putting green down to the most minute detail.  If you feel like having a green that breaks from left to right, right to left, or however you can imagine it, we most likely can get the job done.  We are a proven leader in artificial greens and want to make the customer feel important in the decision making process.  Our competitor might have 2 to 3 set designs for you to choose from, not us.  We will help you in the custom design, build, and installation process of the putting green surface down to the most exact details.  Remember, no task is too big, nor is it too small, Southwest Greens San Francisco is ready to design and install all types of artificial putting greens.  If you have any questions or concerns about the installation process, feel free to contact one of our professional staff members to answer any questions you may have.  We hope you choose San Francisco Southwest Greens for you backyard artificial putting green golf surface!


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