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Artificial Green Maintenance
San Jose California putting greens, golf greens and artificial grass from Southwest Greens of San Francisco can supply you with the practice putting greens of your dreams.  Our artificial turf and synthetic grass is of the finest backyard putting greens materials available on the market.  They are proven and tested in all types of weather environments to show their long lasting and durable golf surface.  Southwest Greens of San Francisco is an established leader and a qualified golf professional when it comes to the design and installation of your artificial grass and synthetic turf practice greens.

Southwest Greens installs San Jose Southwest Greens installs San Jose

Our artificial grass and synthetic turf is made to look like a new putting green, year around.  Weather is not a factor, and our golf greens will not lose their quality, look, or feel.  Much like the installation of brick patios and walkways, our backyard practice greens are made to prevent frost heaves, which improves quality and durability.  The greens' base is built on top of a 3/4 inch processed crushed stone and stone dust base.  The base is molded and graded to fit the exact curves and undulations you desire.  Water drainage through the stone and greens surface prevents water bubbles and erosion problems.  The artificial grass and synthetic turf is made from polypropylene, which is waterproof and carries a 7 year limited warranty.

San Jose California artificial green maintenance is minimal.  The only maintenance concern you should have is in the spring.  This is the best time to clean debris such as leaves and twigs with a blower that have gathered on the surface during the winter, and then quickly roll the green.  Other than that the only MAJOR concern you have is practicing your golf putting stroke for your next big tournament!


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